Downworlders ...

A work from FrkGullfisk whose work is available for you on deviantART:

The Queen looks so young here, no? Just as she is described as in the books. Blue pools of light as eyes making it seem as if she can indeed see everything. Present, past and future. No secret is safe to her. Full, rose petal lips. A fair skin without a single impurity. Rich golden red hair with white foxgloves woven into it. Poisonous flowers and known in old myths for being used by fairies as gloves and hats. Fitting though for her, no? Poisonous ... Just as she is. A true beauty but a false one and I can't help but get that impression here as I look at this drawing. This beauty is unnatural. Defenitely one of my favourite works for the Seelie Queen.

And this one is from walkingnorth. Her fantastic art can be seen on tumblr:

Honestly, just the fact that this is Raphael already makes me like the drawing. There just isn't that muc Raphael art out there, or I am just looking aorund in places where he doesn't get that much attention, LOL.
I like the serenety here. Raphael praying and staying in his own way true to his religion. The golden circle behind him gives him an ethereal glow as if he is an angel on whom God's Light shines. And notice also his golden cross on his neck. This drawing makes me feel as if Raphael died and enters here Heaven, being forgiven for all his sins and getting a new chance. It is pretty.


Colouring ...

First of all I like to warn that once again updates here will be unregular due to busy times for me. That said ...

Two gorgeous colourings done by Xewonyan. You can discover more of her work at deviantART: The images she chose to colour are from Cassandra Jean. The original works can be found here: And here:

Gorgeous, no? Even the two landscapes seen through the windows have gotten proper attention and weren't just quickly colored in. I love especially the light that falls through the windows and illuminates the stage and the two throne occupants and also the red bit here and there as they remind me of the colour of blood which is fitting for this scene if you think about what is going on and what all has been sacrificed to get to this point. Really wonderful done.

Such soft colours to accent the sweetness and intimacy of the moment. The light green background works so well with Tessas's light pink gown. Gorgeous!


You are my once in a lifetime ...

Next drawing is from bananaonigiri. You can find more of her Weiss art and other art on deviantART:

Ran and Ken dancing together in a ballroom. So cute! I love Ken's shy blush and how his arms are wrapped around Ran's neck. And Ran is sure holding a firm hold on his favourite brunet assassin. Lovely also to see them both in those black dress up suits. Especially Ran pulls it off nicely. Ken looks more like a high school boy on his school dance, LOL. And I ams ure you noticed that only the two boys are drawn and that the background is photoshoped in. Lovely combo though. It is in my opinion perfectly doen with hos the background is kept a bit in a blue so the focus remains on Ran and Ken and you don't notice also too much the difference between drawing and reality. Gorgeous. It is as if they were made to dance there or the ballroom was created to welcome Ran and Ken. Super!

And a work from vitamine who can also be found on deviantART:

Gorgeous, right? The work is called: "While you were sleeping". The story behind the work is that Yohji is ahving a nightmare (about Asuka probably) and Schuldig enters the lanky blond's bedroom to comfort him and bring him better dreams. Schuldig's tender regard shows how he cares for Yohji (even if they aren't lovers here). And I really like that soft regard on him. Coupled with his blue eyes here and those red-orange long strands of hair and his open black shirt ... yummy! Yohji is one hell of a Lucky man to have such a gorgeous telepath watching over him. I also like the spickeled background. It adds to teh feeling that we are in Yohji's bedroom. It makes the whole drawing more intimate. Really beautiful! One of my favourite works for this couple.


Pixiv Weiss

Found the next three drawings at pixiv. A quick browsing around there, didn't reveal the drawings anew to me so either the works are no longer available there, or they are part of booklets that are posted on pixiv and going through all of them would sadly enough take too much time. Google also didn't manage to help out, so these drawing are for now artist-less. Do you know who is behind them? Great! Let me know and I will credit this person(s).

Gorgeous colouring. Cool poses. Love the etheral glow they got from the moonlight shining dawn upon them. This truly looks like it could be part of an offical collection. It is awesome. Really love the setting they were drawn in and that the artist chose for the night as they are hunters operating in the darkness. Also note the attention for the details. The red lights to signal the skyline to airplanes. The buckles on Ran's jacket. Ran's gloves. The crinkles in Ken's jeans. Also found in his jacket and in the others' outfits. It makes the drawing feel alive. As if any second they can continue the movement they already started on this drawing; Truly a work of ART! There is just nothing that I don't love about this work. I'm a a fan!

Love here Ken's troubled regard. Yohji's wink whilst he is smoking his trademark cigarette. Ran's forward motion. And Omi's drawn up white socks. The gorgeous sunset yellow-orange of the background just adds to the atmosphere of the drawing. And is that a wind blowing over the grassfield? Is that what the white swish beneath is supposed to represent? It is cool. This drawing makes me think due to teh colours, the all than not present wind and the boys' facial expression like they are on the edge of a new dawn. Whether what will come after this will be better, is anyone's guess, but it truly feels like they are off here to a final battle they may or not may come back from and without any clue what the new day will bring for them should they survive. Or it is a representation of their grieve over what they have left behind by chosing this new life as assassins. That is also possible I guess. In any case, beautiful.

Ken during Weiss Kreuz and during Gluhen. Love the grive presnet in his eye during his Weiss Kreuz period. That time was indeed also hard on the boy. Coming to discover that the man you wanted to avenge and for whom you partially joined the assassin's team was actually the one who betrayed you in the first place and is responsible for having lost everything. Not to forget that even if there is a killer soul in Ken, there is also that kind and gentle part which slowly finds itself strangled due to all the madness he has to witness and all the blood he finds on his own hands.
It is funny to see how he got a change of eye colour for Gluhen, LOL. I wonder what is up with that. I like how he has a bloddied bandage here on his arm. And a stern regard. This isn't sweet, doubting Ken anymore but a man with a fully developped killer instinct. This Ken you don't want to come across anymore in the dark or in the shadows ... The difference is staggering. Very cool and neatly done.


Coming together ...

Sadly enough google search couldn't help out so next works are all creditless. Should you know who drew or colored one of the works below, let me know in a comment and I will add the proper name.

As you can see in the left corner blow, this is a coloring in. Too bad I can't make out the name anymore of the person behind this gorgeous job. Just look at it! The colours are beautifully chosen. They do the original uncoloured work justice and just add to its magnificence. Perfect! Could so be a coloured page in a manga. A fabulous job. There's even shading!

Kiss, kiss, kiss, finally! LOL Love how Hotsuma is gripping Shusei's collar between his fingers and how Shusei's burn scar comes peeking out from underneath the shirt's material. Adore also that they are both wearing white shirts and the colours chosen for their hair match so well that they complement each other and just add to the feeling that they belong together. They are two parts of the same person. Wonderful.

Not sure if this is just a coloring in or a redrawn version of an Original work ... I would think a redrawn due to Hotsuma's face looking a bit off, but I may be mistaken. The fact that the Japanese words are in the drawing, make me doubt. In any case, lovely job. I like the redness of Hotsuma's training suit. And the background with its light spots. The background adds to the importance of the moment here. Makes you truly focus and be in the "now" here with the boys. Greatly done.

And a final work. Look at their pose! How they come together, both wanting that touch of lips, that kiss, connecting with the other intimately. Shusei wears such a sweet expression and Hotsuma's looks more harsh, more determined. He is granted a kiss by Shusei and he will get it now! Beautiful done.


The great escape ...

A fun project done by Tara. She drew scenes from the entire Mortal Instruments serries to a song of Ilse DeLange, namely the song: The Great Escape. Tara's work can be found on tumblr:

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Warlocks ...

Drawings are property off Cassandra Jean. More work of her can be found on her tumblr page:

God, he looks so sexy like this. A Magnus from the "Bane Chronicles" so basically a glimpse of the past. He looks so yummy with his longer hair and God, I swear, he resembles one of those gentlemen who sweep blushing Virgins of their feet and run off with their heart. No one should be allowed to look so sexy! Alec, you are a lucky dog! I just love it all. His pose, his facial expression, his longer hair, his cat eyes, his clothes ... Hot damn!

The legendary trio. Magnus, Cat and Ragnor ... as kids. They trully go way back. And they are adorable. Magnus with his balloon, grin and star on his cheek. Cat with her flower tat on her shoulder. Ragnor looking, well, he seems to not share in the excitement of the two others but at least he scored a cupcake. And a heart on the other cheek as Magnus' star. Very cute.

Cat and Ragnor. Love how she doesn't want him to go just yet. The visit is way too short and who can blame her? With their busy lives and their jobs at different locations, who knows when they'll see each other again. Writing and calling just ain't the same as face to face time. Adore also the height difference. She looks like Ragnor's younger sister like this. And the affectionate gaze Ragnor gives her and Cat's tears and sad but at the same time also a tad happy, cause she got to see him and is near him for the moment, smile also support that feeling. They really look close. Oh Ragnor, why did you have to leave us ... By the way, look at his broad chest! Does he work out?!

Our green love bean Ragnor. The warlock who didn't try to hide his green skin, but liked himself just the way he was and even boasted about it to the ladies. Talk about a kid, and later man, comfortable in his own skin! If only our grumpy Ragnor smiled more, LOL.
Cranky, mopey, sarcastic green Eeyore. And yeah, that fits kinda if you look at his expression here, no? I can imagine him as such. And I just find him adorable like this. I think he was a fun kid to have around. Could have given you many laughs without meaning it and then react insulted cause you are laughing, LOL.


Cats and music ...

And some more error256 just for the heck of it. Normal drawing style anew. If you want more off error256's work, check out her livejournal!

Ken with a Siberain cat, the cat breed he got his assassin codename from. Look at that gorgeous green cat eye! Ken looks less happy ... His clothing suggests this is from the period of the OVA. The cat looks lovely long haired, soft and warm. He or she has her nails in Ken's shoulder to make sure she or he doesn't fall. Lovely!

Busted whilst listening to music whilst he should have been working? He looks in any case lovely surprised. the leaves on the table he is sitting on suggest that Ken has parked his behind on the working table of the flower shop. The blue apron over his daily clothes just adds to the suspision that the boy should have been making flower arrangements or so instead of taking a breather and zoning out with music blasting through his headphones. But hey, we all know Ken is a hard worker so once in a while that boy should be allowed to play hooky. Pretty done.

And Yohji with also a play towards the cat names they wear as assassins. Yohji looks lovely relaxed here, no? Lazing around like a true cat and just batting at the presented toy with a limited amount of energy. No need to go the extra mile when less is good enough. He has adopted the true cat ideology. His facila expression seems to suggest that they boy isn't all that interested in the toy. He is just batting at it with a "since I've got nothing better to do" expression.


Getting it on ...

Here we go. Some error256 for you all. For more lovely art of error256, visit livejournal:

No guessing what Ran and Yohji are doing and what has made Ken lose his breath of air under water. He probably was swimming towards the two older Weiss to give them a scare and instead found himself being on the receiving end of the shock of a lifetime. Adore Yohji's smug regard. Ken's waterspitting ability, and look! He is wearing his googles from his assassin outfit. I am sure he got a very lovely and correct view underneath the water off Ran and Yohji's activities like this. Ken is probably wishing now that he had left his googles at home, LOL. At least Ran looks a bit surprised due to the sudden appearance of Ken. Shall we say Ken succeeded half then in his plan? Cute and fun drawing style.

A more naughty one. Look at the handcuffs above Ken and the other toys behind Yohji ... And thanks to Omi all will be documented for future references. I do wonder why Yohji has his hands clapsed over his mouth and why Ran is glaring at the lanky blond ... But hey, did you notice that Yohji has his ever trusty sunglasses with him? They are perched on his head. Who actually wears a pair of sunglasses to a lovely round between the sheets? That Yohji, LOL. Ken looks sound asleep. they must have worn him out ...

Well, they are very mature, aren't they? Sun, grass, butterfly, flowers in bloom, lovely scenery ... all in all everything is there for a romantic moment and the two idiots just remain miles apart, thinking their lips can cross the distance for that desired kiss ... Unless they are more mocking each other or sticking their lip out or so at each other. In any case, I doubt they'll get anywhere like this ...


Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside ...

Some Luka and Yuki.  All three works were found on the following russian site:  Names of the people behind the works were sadly not shared. But the signature in the bottom right corner seems to suggest it is one and the same person behind all three works.

As you can see, Yuki and Luka are official art that were placed within a different background. I love the festivity here. The Luka and Yuki image is well chosen. It suits and contributes to the festive feeling the background emits. Great combination of real life photography and manga art.

Gorgeous and special, no? The purple haze of the background. The piano standing between teh cherry blossom trees ... This feels kinda surreal. The Luka and Yuki kissing is a lovely addition to a gorgeous background. Although I do feel like Yuki is a bit too tall here ... But they fit beautifully and perfectly in this background, no? Pretty and sweet!

And kissing anew but with wings now. Yuki white ones and Luka obviously black ones. God's Light to a demon. Yuki is still a bit too tall but I do like how you can so clealry see here Luka's arm snaked around Yuki's waist. The wings look a bit strange. Perhaps a tad too small? The chosen backround is once again breathtakingly gorgeous. It feels divine, holy, and with those flowers ... It kinda makes me think of the church in Final Fantasy VII where Aerith grew flowers. Gorgeous!