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Make my wish come true, let darkness slip aside ...

Some Luka and Yuki.  All three works were found on the following russian site: http://www.diary.ru/~betrayalk/  Names of the people behind the works were sadly not shared. But the signature in the bottom right corner seems to suggest it is one and the same person behind all three works.

As you can see, Yuki and Luka are official art that were placed within a different background. I love the festivity here. The Luka and Yuki image is well chosen. It suits and contributes to the festive feeling the background emits. Great combination of real life photography and manga art.

Gorgeous and special, no? The purple haze of the background. The piano standing between teh cherry blossom trees ... This feels kinda surreal. The Luka and Yuki kissing is a lovely addition to a gorgeous background. Although I do feel like Yuki is a bit too tall here ... But they fit beautifully and perfectly in this background, no? Pretty and sweet!

And kissing anew but with wings now. Yuki white ones and Luka obviously black ones. God's Light to a demon. Yuki is still a bit too tall but I do like how you can so clealry see here Luka's arm snaked around Yuki's waist. The wings look a bit strange. Perhaps a tad too small? The chosen backround is once again breathtakingly gorgeous. It feels divine, holy, and with those flowers ... It kinda makes me think of the church in Final Fantasy VII where Aerith grew flowers. Gorgeous!

Tags: betrayal knows my name, luka "zess" crosszeria, uraboku, uragiri, yuki giou
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