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Getting it on ...

Here we go. Some error256 for you all. For more lovely art of error256, visit livejournal: http://error256.livejournal.com/

No guessing what Ran and Yohji are doing and what has made Ken lose his breath of air under water. He probably was swimming towards the two older Weiss to give them a scare and instead found himself being on the receiving end of the shock of a lifetime. Adore Yohji's smug regard. Ken's waterspitting ability, and look! He is wearing his googles from his assassin outfit. I am sure he got a very lovely and correct view underneath the water off Ran and Yohji's activities like this. Ken is probably wishing now that he had left his googles at home, LOL. At least Ran looks a bit surprised due to the sudden appearance of Ken. Shall we say Ken succeeded half then in his plan? Cute and fun drawing style.

A more naughty one. Look at the handcuffs above Ken and the other toys behind Yohji ... And thanks to Omi all will be documented for future references. I do wonder why Yohji has his hands clapsed over his mouth and why Ran is glaring at the lanky blond ... But hey, did you notice that Yohji has his ever trusty sunglasses with him? They are perched on his head. Who actually wears a pair of sunglasses to a lovely round between the sheets? That Yohji, LOL. Ken looks sound asleep. they must have worn him out ...

Well, they are very mature, aren't they? Sun, grass, butterfly, flowers in bloom, lovely scenery ... all in all everything is there for a romantic moment and the two idiots just remain miles apart, thinking their lips can cross the distance for that desired kiss ... Unless they are more mocking each other or sticking their lip out or so at each other. In any case, I doubt they'll get anywhere like this ...

Tags: ken hidaka, omi tsukiyono, ran fujimiya, weiss kreuz, youji 'yohji' kudou
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