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Cats and music ...

And some more error256 just for the heck of it. Normal drawing style anew. If you want more off error256's work, check out her livejournal! http://error256.livejournal.com/

Ken with a Siberain cat, the cat breed he got his assassin codename from. Look at that gorgeous green cat eye! Ken looks less happy ... His clothing suggests this is from the period of the OVA. The cat looks lovely long haired, soft and warm. He or she has her nails in Ken's shoulder to make sure she or he doesn't fall. Lovely!

Busted whilst listening to music whilst he should have been working? He looks in any case lovely surprised. the leaves on the table he is sitting on suggest that Ken has parked his behind on the working table of the flower shop. The blue apron over his daily clothes just adds to the suspision that the boy should have been making flower arrangements or so instead of taking a breather and zoning out with music blasting through his headphones. But hey, we all know Ken is a hard worker so once in a while that boy should be allowed to play hooky. Pretty done.

And Yohji with also a play towards the cat names they wear as assassins. Yohji looks lovely relaxed here, no? Lazing around like a true cat and just batting at the presented toy with a limited amount of energy. No need to go the extra mile when less is good enough. He has adopted the true cat ideology. His facila expression seems to suggest that they boy isn't all that interested in the toy. He is just batting at it with a "since I've got nothing better to do" expression.

Tags: ken hidaka, weiss kreuz, weiss ova, youji 'yohji' kudou
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