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The great escape ...

A fun project done by Tara. She drew scenes from the entire Mortal Instruments serries to a song of Ilse DeLange, namely the song: The Great Escape. Tara's work can be found on tumblr: http://taratjah.tumblr.com/

Okay, so the lyrics of the song can be found on the drawings. The drawing style is cool. I love the colors and just well the idea too. Not sure if I find the song that fitting, but I guess that is everyone's own opinion. Also too bad that the chosen moments aren't chronologically correct ...
We start with Clary who draws runes without knowing what she is drawing of course or why she is drawing these strange signs. Soon her entire life will be turned upside down... Notcie how she has the Morgenstern ring here already which shouldn't be possible yet ... Artist's liberty I guess.
Jace pops up. Great fighter, savior and he manages to steal Clary's heart yet he will soon become a "sin" for her as it will be revealed that he is in fact her brother. They can't be romantically involved ...
The two Morgenstern siblings ... Their hearts yearn for each other in the form of lovers yet it is forbidden. Notice on the seraph blade the Morgenstern symbol.
Valentine escapes through a portal, leaving his son Jace behind. He offers Jace to join him and to also step through the protal but Jace can't. His heart now lays with Clary and since their father has proven to be his sister's enemy, he too has to let his father go and remain behind.
Poor Alec. Jace's parabatai. In love with the blond boy for years but easily pushed aside by Clary. Even when Jace can't be with Clary, she still outshines Alec in every way. Clary is all Jace can see.
The river scene. Magnus having used thye last of his strenght to save Alec from drowning and Alec now offering to share his own strenght with Magnus so the Warlock can keep going.
Simon didn't like his first adventure in Hotel Dumort (notice the cool detail of the changed sign in the back) yet when he discovers that his girlfriend Clary rather would be with her brother Jace than him, his anger and hurt push him back to this place to seek his death ...
Isabelle, Jace and Alec's sister. A fierce and beautiful warrior.
Raphael brings the body of Simon to the Institute after the vampires drained him of his blood.
But Simon doesn't stay dead. They burry his body and thanks to Rafael's blood in Simon's body, Simon wakes as a vampire.
Simon gets rescued by Jace from Valentine's clutches but the rescue was futile as the sun rose and Simon got burned alive ... Only this didn't happen! The blood Jace shared with Simon to save Simon's life turned Simon into a Daylighter, a vampire who can walk into the sunlight.
Of course Clary is over the moon that she didn't lose her best friend after all.
I think this has to be Jocelyn in her coma. The boy with her is then Jace. He came to visit his mother after all those years she had believed him to be dead ... Clary had hoped this would be enough to awake Jocelyn. It wasn't ...
Brother Zachariah who will be revealed to be Jem later on.
Sebastian shows up, an old family friend of Alec and Isabelle. The boy however is another Shadowhunter boy in disguise who killed Sebastian and took his place ...
Jace faces off against the false Sebastian, having discovered that this boy is actually the real Morgenstern son.
To gain the help of the vampires in the grand war against Valentine and his demonic army, the group is forced to hand over Simon to the vampires. Clary puts the Mark of Cain on Simon's forehead to protect her friend. Now the vampires can't kill him anymore.
The Mark of Cain will soon turn out to be more off a burden than help to Simon ...
Clary creates a rune that allows her to make portals just like Warlocks can do.
Jace tries to stop his father and founds his death at his father's hand. Valentine mourns what he had to sacrifice for his grander plan.
Clary changes the symbol Valentine drew to call forth the Angel. Now the Angel will be under her command and not Valentine's.
Raziel, the Angel of the Shadowhunters, appears and kills Valentine. Cause Clary summoned him in the end, she gets one wish. She asks to have Jace brought back to life.
I have no idea what the next two parts should be ... Jace under the influence of the Mother of all Demons and being used to help bring back Jonathan to life, Jonathan's body in the glass coffin? It could be cause it looks like Jace has a wound on his chest where the mark is of his "possession".
Magnus is fead up with Alec not coming out for their relationship and Alec seeing him only as a replacement for Jace and breaks up with Alec. Alec tries to talk to him but Magnus refuses all contact.
Simon and Isabelle, they are slowly growing towards each other ... Simon may have had a crush on Isabelle from the start, but Isabelle didn't see him until now ... Notice the ruby pendant on Isabelle's neck!
Clary and Jace face off against each other during the ritual where Jonathan is turning Shadowhunters in dark Shadowhunters. With Jace bound to Jonathan, he has lost his own will and follows every command of Jonathan. He refuses to allow Clary near Jonathan so she can stab her true brother down and kill him.
No other choice left, Clary stabs Jace down to destroy the link with Jonathan thanks to the Heavenly Fire that fills Jace's body and destroys everything dark within the blond boy.
The Shadowhunters have a new enemy, the dark Shadowhunters. They are stronger and faster as them. In the middle you can see Amatis in red gear, Luke's turned sister.
The dark Shadowhunters attack the Iron Sisters and a battel breaks free with the Shadowhunters who have come to the aid of the Iron Sisters. They how ever are no match and not only due to being outnumbered and being less strong and fast. They stumble over having to kill people they once called their friends, family and even thier own Parabatai. The dark Shadowhunters no longer feel anything and don't have this disadvantage.
The group travels to Edom where Jonathan is hiding and is keeping Magnus, Rafael, Luke and Jocelyn emprissonned.
Raphael tries to break the chains that keep Magnus bound and magic-less. He won't succeed ...
Jace gets confronted in Edom with the sins he committed whilst he had been bound to Jonathan. Due to this he loses his calm and the Heavenly Fire within him erupts.
Clary draws the Heavenly Fire in the sword, the family sword, notice the Morgenstern symbol on the sword, and saves Jace like this. Later on this sword will be turned on Jonathan to unleash the Heavenly Fire within him.
After the Heavenly Fire destroyed everything demonic in Jonathan, the boy is granted a few final moments to say goodbye to his mother Jocelyn and his sister Clary.
But to escape Edom, a sacrifice will be needed. Simon sacrifices his immortality and his memories of Clary and the Shadowhunter world to Asmodeus.
Clary and Isabelle can't let Simon go and seek him out to see if he truly doesn't remember anything anymore and has truly forgotten them ...

Tags: alexander 'alec' lightwood, amatis garroway/herondale, asmodeus, brother zachariah, city of heavenly fire, clarissa 'clary' fray, isabelle lightwood, jace herondale, james 'jem' carstairs, jocelyn fray/fairchild, jonathan morgenstern, magnus bane, raphael santiago, raziel, simon lewis, the mortal instruments, valentine morgenstern
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