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Coming together ...

Sadly enough google search couldn't help out so next works are all creditless. Should you know who drew or colored one of the works below, let me know in a comment and I will add the proper name.

As you can see in the left corner blow, this is a coloring in. Too bad I can't make out the name anymore of the person behind this gorgeous job. Just look at it! The colours are beautifully chosen. They do the original uncoloured work justice and just add to its magnificence. Perfect! Could so be a coloured page in a manga. A fabulous job. There's even shading!

Kiss, kiss, kiss, finally! LOL Love how Hotsuma is gripping Shusei's collar between his fingers and how Shusei's burn scar comes peeking out from underneath the shirt's material. Adore also that they are both wearing white shirts and the colours chosen for their hair match so well that they complement each other and just add to the feeling that they belong together. They are two parts of the same person. Wonderful.

Not sure if this is just a coloring in or a redrawn version of an Original work ... I would think a redrawn due to Hotsuma's face looking a bit off, but I may be mistaken. The fact that the Japanese words are in the drawing, make me doubt. In any case, lovely job. I like the redness of Hotsuma's training suit. And the background with its light spots. The background adds to the importance of the moment here. Makes you truly focus and be in the "now" here with the boys. Greatly done.

And a final work. Look at their pose! How they come together, both wanting that touch of lips, that kiss, connecting with the other intimately. Shusei wears such a sweet expression and Hotsuma's looks more harsh, more determined. He is granted a kiss by Shusei and he will get it now! Beautiful done.

Tags: betrayal knows my name, hotsuma renjou, shūsei usui, uraboku, uragiri

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