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Colouring ...

First of all I like to warn that once again updates here will be unregular due to busy times for me. That said ...

Two gorgeous colourings done by Xewonyan. You can discover more of her work at deviantART: http://xewonyan.deviantart.com/ The images she chose to colour are from Cassandra Jean. The original works can be found here: http://fabt.livejournal.com/130686.html And here: http://fabt.livejournal.com/128593.html

Gorgeous, no? Even the two landscapes seen through the windows have gotten proper attention and weren't just quickly colored in. I love especially the light that falls through the windows and illuminates the stage and the two throne occupants and also the red bit here and there as they remind me of the colour of blood which is fitting for this scene if you think about what is going on and what all has been sacrificed to get to this point. Really wonderful done.

Such soft colours to accent the sweetness and intimacy of the moment. The light green background works so well with Tessas's light pink gown. Gorgeous!

Tags: city of heavenly fire, clarissa 'clary' fray, james 'jem' carstairs, jonathan morgenstern, the infernal devices, the mortal instruments, theresa 'tessa' gray

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