October 13th, 2014


Pixiv Weiss

Found the next three drawings at pixiv. A quick browsing around there, didn't reveal the drawings anew to me so either the works are no longer available there, or they are part of booklets that are posted on pixiv and going through all of them would sadly enough take too much time. Google also didn't manage to help out, so these drawing are for now artist-less. Do you know who is behind them? Great! Let me know and I will credit this person(s).

Gorgeous colouring. Cool poses. Love the etheral glow they got from the moonlight shining dawn upon them. This truly looks like it could be part of an offical collection. It is awesome. Really love the setting they were drawn in and that the artist chose for the night as they are hunters operating in the darkness. Also note the attention for the details. The red lights to signal the skyline to airplanes. The buckles on Ran's jacket. Ran's gloves. The crinkles in Ken's jeans. Also found in his jacket and in the others' outfits. It makes the drawing feel alive. As if any second they can continue the movement they already started on this drawing; Truly a work of ART! There is just nothing that I don't love about this work. I'm a a fan!

Love here Ken's troubled regard. Yohji's wink whilst he is smoking his trademark cigarette. Ran's forward motion. And Omi's drawn up white socks. The gorgeous sunset yellow-orange of the background just adds to the atmosphere of the drawing. And is that a wind blowing over the grassfield? Is that what the white swish beneath is supposed to represent? It is cool. This drawing makes me think due to teh colours, the all than not present wind and the boys' facial expression like they are on the edge of a new dawn. Whether what will come after this will be better, is anyone's guess, but it truly feels like they are off here to a final battle they may or not may come back from and without any clue what the new day will bring for them should they survive. Or it is a representation of their grieve over what they have left behind by chosing this new life as assassins. That is also possible I guess. In any case, beautiful.

Ken during Weiss Kreuz and during Gluhen. Love the grive presnet in his eye during his Weiss Kreuz period. That time was indeed also hard on the boy. Coming to discover that the man you wanted to avenge and for whom you partially joined the assassin's team was actually the one who betrayed you in the first place and is responsible for having lost everything. Not to forget that even if there is a killer soul in Ken, there is also that kind and gentle part which slowly finds itself strangled due to all the madness he has to witness and all the blood he finds on his own hands.
It is funny to see how he got a change of eye colour for Gluhen, LOL. I wonder what is up with that. I like how he has a bloddied bandage here on his arm. And a stern regard. This isn't sweet, doubting Ken anymore but a man with a fully developped killer instinct. This Ken you don't want to come across anymore in the dark or in the shadows ... The difference is staggering. Very cool and neatly done.


You are my once in a lifetime ...

Next drawing is from bananaonigiri. You can find more of her Weiss art and other art on deviantART: http://bananaonigiri.deviantart.com/

Ran and Ken dancing together in a ballroom. So cute! I love Ken's shy blush and how his arms are wrapped around Ran's neck. And Ran is sure holding a firm hold on his favourite brunet assassin. Lovely also to see them both in those black dress up suits. Especially Ran pulls it off nicely. Ken looks more like a high school boy on his school dance, LOL. And I ams ure you noticed that only the two boys are drawn and that the background is photoshoped in. Lovely combo though. It is in my opinion perfectly doen with hos the background is kept a bit in a blue so the focus remains on Ran and Ken and you don't notice also too much the difference between drawing and reality. Gorgeous. It is as if they were made to dance there or the ballroom was created to welcome Ran and Ken. Super!

And a work from vitamine who can also be found on deviantART: http://vitamine.deviantart.com/

Gorgeous, right? The work is called: "While you were sleeping". The story behind the work is that Yohji is ahving a nightmare (about Asuka probably) and Schuldig enters the lanky blond's bedroom to comfort him and bring him better dreams. Schuldig's tender regard shows how he cares for Yohji (even if they aren't lovers here). And I really like that soft regard on him. Coupled with his blue eyes here and those red-orange long strands of hair and his open black shirt ... yummy! Yohji is one hell of a Lucky man to have such a gorgeous telepath watching over him. I also like the spickeled background. It adds to teh feeling that we are in Yohji's bedroom. It makes the whole drawing more intimate. Really beautiful! One of my favourite works for this couple.