Herondale and Morgenstern ...

First up a drawing from kara-lija. For more work off kara-lija, I kindly direct you to kara-lija's deviantART: http://kara-lija.deviantart.com/

Love the warm glow this drawing emits thanks to its colors. Not too fond of Jace here. I feel like his face has been drawn too sharp. But I do like Clary and their position. Clary on top of Jace. Her legs positioned around Jace's upper body and her hands pushing lightly against his chest to keep him in place. Her hair is coloured fantasticaly and I like how it is long and wavy. It feels firey. Also like how her face is done. Her full lips, thick but not too much standing out eyebrow and her eye, not to mention the soft and loving regard she sends Jace. Jace looks lovingly back at her too. And look, she still has Jace's Shadowhunter's ring on a necklace around her neck. Cool detail.
Pretty drawing!
By the way, notice also Jace's armpit hair and more importantly, the start on his stomach under his navel leading down ... Sexy!

Next up Jace alone from bro0017. She can be found on deviantART on this page: http://bro0017.deviantart.com/

Jace's face looks a bit strange, maybe a bit too young or so for the rest of his posture that demands a more mature facial expression, but the rest is wickedly cool done. I like his outfit. The hoodie used to hide his features lightly. the sword hilt you can see from the weapon strapped to his back. His gloves. The buckles ... He looks trully like a protector who sticks to the shadows. Very cool. The alley background si also superbly done. All in all a neat drawing.
By the way, notice how his name is "Wayland" here. This drawing was obviously done at the beginning of the serie "The Mortal Instruments" when everyone still believed him to be a "Wayland". Now we know better ...

And back to kara-lija for some more Jace/Clary loving. Remember, kara-lija has an account on deviantART: http://kara-lija.deviantart.com/

Very sexy and hot. I love the intamicy this work communicates. Jace craddeling Clary's body to his chest, and look how gentle and careful he does this as if he feels like Clary is made of glass and will shatter if he uses too much force. Clary's head twisting in Jace's direction. Her hand on his arm not to push the arm away but to hold him there. Their foreheads touching, lips leaning in towards that unevitable kiss. This drawing just screams LOVE! Perfect! Oh an notice how this time around Jace is wearing his Shadowhunter ring around his neck.


I remember ...

A comic for our favourite Uragiri boys from egoistlove. You can discover more of her art on livejournal: http://egoistlove.livejournal.com/ Or on her account on deviantART under the name of karinaAvitia: http://karinaavitia.deviantart.com/

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A comic about Shusei and Hotsuma's past life, Hotsuma remembering this life ... The boy sees a beautiful girl who he doesn't know and he wonders who the girl can be cause even if he doesn't know who she is, his heart beats painfully for her. Just when she is abouyt to tell him who she is, Hotsuma wakes up and the blond is upset cause now he will never know who she is. Shusei is sleeping beside him and as he stares at Shusei, he can't help but think that Shusei looks cute like this. Shusei wakes up and asks Hotsuma what is bothering the blond and at that moment Hotsuma sees the girls in Shusei and knows it was his own partner he met.

I love the height difference between the two and how even Hotsuma joyfully comments about it and female Shusei doesn't find it funny. I also like how female Shusei is on her bare feet. It suits her. And when Hotsuma places female Shusei's hand over his own heart ... KAWAII!!! So cute and romantic! Love also how Hotsuma reacts to the sight of his sleeping partner beside him. It looks as if his soul is leaving him, LOL. And look how happy Hotsuma is when he realizes that the girl from hsi dream and Shusei are one and the same person. So adorable!
A lovely comic with a great story idea behind it. I love it!


Zweilts ...

A lovely coloring of a page out of the manga.  Sadly I have no clue anymore where I found this or who is behind the coloring ...

I like the colours that were used. Only criticism I have is that I find the red colour that was used to highlight Shusei's brun scar is a bit too bright and too red to my liking. I doubt the scars trully still look that aggressive. But for the rest is it nice to see how each panel got a different colored background whilst using a similar pattern to bring the panels together to one whole. Especially like the colors used on Kuroto's clothing and the gorgeous burgundy red of Ria's hair. Tsukumo's green shirt and Toko's pink dress is also lovely chosen. All in all a pretty coloring job.

Another undefined work. I still remember that this is one of the last pages of an entire dj but I only saved this page as this was the only page I liked. I have no clue anymore though who made the dj, what the dj was called or where you can find it. My apologies.

Loved here the differences between the Zweilt pairs. Tsukumo of course having food on his mind and Toko looking as if she didn't expected anything less of her brother. Yet she doesn't look annoyed but more like: "this is how he is and I wouldn't want him any other way even if it would be nice if from time to time he could have something else than food on his mind".
Hotsuma and Shusei, LOL. Hotsuma having lost his cool once anew and feeling relaxed enough around Shusei to show this side of him to his friend even if said friend clearly is used to this and has found his own way to survive Hotsuma's tantrums, LOL. This just shows how close they trully are.
Senshirou showing his affection for his kuropi and Kuroto blushing madly and on the verge of blowing his top thanks to this. That boy just has no clue how to deal with genuine meant affection. Not that this deters Senshirou. He likes his kuropi just the way Kuroto is.
A very cute interpretation of the three Zweilt pairs.

On to egoistlove now. She has a journal on livejournal: http://egoistlove.livejournal.com/ And an account on deviantART under the name of karinaAvitia. This link takes you to her deviantART page: http://karinaavitia.deviantart.com/

Ah the love, and not just from our boys up front. Look how Senshirou is hugging his Kuroto. Yuki, Luka, Toko and Tsukumo all seem very content too that Hotsuma and Shusie have finally managed to get their act together. It was high time although Hotsuma seems unable to control himself now anymore if the second part is anything to go by. What and eager and happy puppy Hotsuma has become now taht he finally can kiss his Shusei. Luka feels like he needs to protect Yuki's innocence. Toko didn't expect this if her pig tails are anything to go by. And Kuroto seems to fear that Senshiro may get ideas and with his lovey-dovey Senshirou clings to Kuroto, Kuroto may be on to something ... A very cute drawing.

And to end a drawing off Mila137 who can be found on deviantART: http://mila137.deviantart.com/

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Adorable, right? Sodom got a little Santa hat. Yuki looks so happy decorating the tree. He is probably happy that they can all spent the holidays together. That he is finally surrounded by people he calls not only his friends but also his family. That he has found a place to truly call home. Luka smiles contently at Yuki. As long as Yuki is happy, so is he. Tsukumo of course is already devouring the candy cans and Toko pats her brother affectionately on the head. Tsukumo won't change, Toko knows that. He is a lovely constance in their hectic life that she can cling to when everything else goes out of control. She is holding a mug with hot cocoa. Hotsuma, with a game of course, and Shusei comfortable right beside him with a book. Both boys enjoying each other's company whilst enjoying their own hobby. Although Hotsuma's game doesn't seem to be going to the boy's liking, LOL. Senshirou is feeding Kuroto a cookie and is he happy that he can do this! And he hasn't felt Tsubaki's eyes yet on him, the girl peeking in from outside. I bet she is wishing she was in Kuroto's place here ... Ria and Ibuki are arriving and waving cheerily at Takashiro who waves and welcomes them enthusiastically back with I think he is holding mistletoe. Is he hoping for a kiss from his secretary? And poor Tachibana was transformed into a snowman by Isuzu, Sairi and Masamune.
Very cute! And very in character too. Perfect work for the Uragiri family!


Sexy assassins ...

Ken drawn by hime1999. Hime1999 has a page on deviantART: http://hime1999.deviantart.com/

Love the brownish style that was used here. Ken looks a bit like a bronzen God like this. His pose definetely screams "sexy"! And look at the attention done to the details of adding the necessary folds in his clothing as a result of his pose. With this outfit, he so could start tinkering on a car or bike or so and get all greasy. He looks like he is going to have some fun in the garage, boy style!

Delicious Ran for you by toniq1. Find more of her art on deviantART: http://toniq1.deviantart.com/

Black boxers, a glass held to his cheek for coolness, relaxed pose, eyes closed, gentle facial expression ... Ran stop being so damn HOT! He is way too yummy like this! Love also how he seems to be sitting on the last letter of his name and the background done in black and red is just a perfect fit here. Wickedly awesome! By the way, lovely toned body. You can see that Ran works out.

And back to Ken with Yuri-Nikko 's drawing. More of Yuri-Nikko's art can be discovered on deviantART: http://yuri-nikko.deviantart.com/

Look at that gentle smile. Who wouldn't melt for him, trust him and feel safe in his presence? Adore that he got aquamarine eyes again. I love him the most with this color of eyes. I confess. And the goggles are greatly drawn. Like how they hang here around his neck and aren't resting on top of his head. Also lovely start of his leather jacket and the black shirt he wears underneath. Ken you are hot and you remain hot!


The sun ...

First up two versions of kumokasumi's "Bring back te sun" drawing.  For more art off kumokasumi, vist him on deviantART: http://kumokasumi.deviantart.com/

Well, both versions have their merit. The uncoloured version adds to the atmosphere of grief the drawing emits but the characters get a bit lost in the same color palet. With the coloured one, the characters jump out and are the focus ... I don't know ... I like them both equally since both contribute something essential to the message behind the work.
Like how Ken shares in Omi's grief with his downcast regard and sad expression. And Omi clutching on to Ken's shirt like that ... it makes the boy's pain and grief all the more tangible. Lovely work. By the way, did you notice how Ken is in daily attire whilst Omi has his assassin's clothes on?

Onward to a drawing off agent-indigo now. She can also be found on deviantART: http://agent-indigo.deviantart.com/

Work is called "The light above" and I think it is pretty clear why it got this title. I wonder if Ken fell down and is now looking up through the hole he fell through and is seeing the sun shine down upon him, maybe signalling that help is on its way so things are basically looking up cause he'll get out off that hole. Or is he just sitting on the ground somewhere and is that a mountain behind him with the sun coming to peek over the mountain's ridge? Who knows. In any case, love the solar effect that was created, and the sunlight gets even reflected in Ken's eyes. Pretty! Of course being a huge fan of Ken's assassin outfit, points here for drawing the boy in those delicious clothes. His expression looks sad yet hopeful. Like things are trully going to start looking up for him from here on, or so he believes.


City of Bones/Heavenly Fire

Creator unknown ...

Adorable, right? Love the blush on Alec's face and how his stance is kinda defensive. As if he can save himself from the awesomeness off Magnus! LOL Magnus pantless and winking. He sure knows how to seduce his reluctant little Shadowhunter, LOL. Since I liked how Magnus was dressed at his party in the movie, I am pleased to see artwork with him pantless too whilst the rest of his attire is rather dressy. Magnus, you rock!

Next up Midnight-Alley. More of Midnight-Alley can be found on deviantART: http://midnight-alley.deviantart.com/

Based on a quote from "City of Heavenly Fire" where Magnus tells Catarina Loss that Alec isn't a bunny rabbit but a Shadowhunter ... For the drawing purpose here, Alec got bunny ears. And boy does he look cute! Even if he is pouting and not looking happy at all with his bunny ears. I am sure Magnus can quickly change that though. Just as I am sure that he'll pounce bunny Alec the first chance he gets cause the boy is just too adorable like this to pass up! By the way, Alec himself is also lovely drawn. Very in character. Long, messy black hair. A hoody sweater, baggy pants. Caracteristic blue eyes ... And that pout! Oh God, this just kills me! The carrot is a lovely extra. Really awesome!

Transcript from City of Heavenly Fire from Cassandra Clare:

"Everyone hated her," Catarine went on ruthlessly. "She was devious and mean. And so your poor boyfriend got suckered by her; well, really, is that any reason to end a perfectly good relationship? It's like siccing a python on a bunny rabbit and then being angry when the bunny rabbit loses."
"Alec is not a bunny rabbit. He's a Shadowhunter."

The lovely Cassandra Jean now. Place to go to view her work: tumblr : http://cassandrajp.tumblr.com/

Gorgeous, right? Maia as a human with her inner wer. Well, as a human is perhaps not quite right to state ... her wolf ears are already showing, LOL. But it is pretty. I love how simple it is kept colourwise. And look how mature her regard is. She has grown up and learned a lot. She can be one heck of a leader now for the wer group. She trully looks ready for that job.
Her wer wolf side is gorgeously drawn. I just love the size of the head, the big paws ... Makes me feel like she is one gorgeous wolf to look at when transformed.


Pizza ...

Comic from baneme. Baneme's tumblr page: http://baneme.tumblr.com/

Crazy comic but I like it.   Mostly due to the last panel with the hearts and arrows floating in the air, the arrows of course representing Alec and the hearts Magnus. Poor Alec though ... No pizza for him solely. He'll have to share with his crazy boyfriend and hope that he will get at least one slice cause Magnus sure seems pizza-crazy ... Perhaps that is why Alec seems so happy in the beginning to have a pizza for him alone. No Magnus around so finally, finally he will be able to enjoy a slize of pizza without having Magnus hog it all for himself. Too bad Magnus has good hearing. Just look at the utter shock on Alec' face as he realizes Magnus is coming in, landing aimed straight on him! LOL, really adorable and funny.


Interactions ...

Cassandra Jean. Find more delicious art of her on her tumblr page: http://cassandrajp.tumblr.com/

Love the idea of the crossover between The Mortal Instruments and The X-men. Clary and Jace look good in the X-men outfits, no? We can't argue for once with Jace's confidence concerning his looks. Love Clary's wink and how the "mutant" power that shoots out of her hands is drawn in the form of a rune. Of course Jace controls Heavenly Fire. Let's just hope he does it here better than in the books, LOL. Yep, this is duo I wouldn't mind being saved by ...
Cute and lovely idea and beautiful executed.

Next work is from the hands off walkingnorth. Visit her and her fabulous art on the following tumblr page: http://walkingnorth.tumblr.com/

Adorable, right? Such sweeties! I love how they are holding hands and how Clary is looking forward excited and eager, all ready for what ever adventure will come on their path whilst Simon is looking at Clary, checking whether his bestie is still okay. The rain is a lovely added bonus and gorgeous used colors. By the way, look at Simon's small pair of glasses! So cute! Defenitely a work made of WIN!

And some baneme. Enjoy more off baneme on the next tumblr page: http://baneme.tumblr.com/

Max and Alec. Look at that height difference! It just drives home so clearly how big of an age gap there was between the two brothers. Max is of course clutching a book and from the way he is holding it, it looks like the book would be read from back to cover which would make it a manga ... Max' favourite kind of reading material. He actually kinda makes me think of a little Harry Potter like this, LOL. Adore the sweet regard Alec sends his little brother and how his hands rests on Max' shoulder whilst his other hand is the pocket of his pair of pants. Alec looks very relaxed here, like he can be himself around Max and doesn't need to hide part of himself. I like that. I always felt like Alec and Max' relationship wasn't that grand. Alec being too busy watching out for his little brother and protecting him and keeping him away from danger with no time left for just regular, normal interaction like sharing interests with Max and Jace replacing Alec more as a big brother to Max with the blond boy having the time to do fun things with Max that his real brother had no time for. But it is nice to see a drawing that suggests otherwise. I admit it.


I have died a thousand deaths ...

My apologies. My folders with art were playing up. Hopefully the problems are fixed now and can I get back to continuing this journal ...

First off we have a work from Shana-Leonhart. She made a lovely wallpaper for Ken in his OVA period. For more wallpapers and drawn art from her, visit her at deviantART: http://shana-leonhart.deviantart.com/

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I've always been intrigued by this certain image of Ken. Ken all bloody on top of a bunch of skulls, blood caked everywhere and his claws out ... A true killer! Yet the look in his eyes speaks of so much sadness ... To me the image has Always been one that managed to capture Ken well during the OVA period. The boy slowly slipping into the madness of all the killing and starting to enjoy it yet part of him still being that innocent boy who started this job to protect the innocents. The tekst Shana-Leonhart chose is well suited. Is he a just a killer or a Fallen Angel? The wallpaper suggest both possibilities. The claws and the blood could stand for "Death" yet there are also all those white feathers floating around ... Angel then perhaps? Notice how the feathers are kept white and not black as is more commonly used for Fallen ones. Perhaps it is done to suggest how Ken once started as an innocent with good intentions and that this person is still within him. Trapped. Lovely work.

Next work is I fear unclaimed although the name on the work itself seems to refer to an ANA ... Sadly I have no clue where I snatched up the drawing so I can't link you to the artist's page at all. Nor do I know whether "ANA" is the full artist's name ... In any case, enjoy.

Ken and Ran, hands fitting together ... The used image says it all, no? A lovely used image to represent Ran and Ken as being in love. I love it. It is so simple and pure. It's perfect. Notice the metal plate on Ken's glove out of which his killer blades slide if he fists his hand. Just great.


And some more cards ...

And some more flower cards. Still Cassandra Jean and can look more of her work up on her tumblr page: http://cassandrajp.tumblr.com/

Amatis and Stephen coloured. Look for more about these cards here: http://fabt.livejournal.com/129589.html
As I predicted I love Amatis coloured in. Her outfit is even more neat now in these colors. Her chestnut brown hair is pretty and I love her eyes. She looks real pretty here. And the sober colors in the background suite Amatis. By the way, I hadn't noticed before, but she still has her wedding ring on. And I know that I said before that she looked dreamy, but I think the real emotion here is more mourning ...
Stephen ... so yellow! Really, that is what stands out to me when I see his card, LOL.

Helenium for "fears". I wonder why Helen got this flower ... Fears for the worries she feels about her younger siblings? Especially now that she has been seperated from them and no longer being able to protect them and be able to give them what they need? Fear cause she is bisexual and is in love with a female Shadowhunter with Shadowhunters mostly still not comfortable with gayness? Fear cause she has fairie blood and thus doesn't get seen as full by Shadowhunters or Fairies? She has no real true place to belong. And with the bad blood that came tyo exist between Fairies and Shadowhunters ...
Love how she is holding that blanket and how you can see tears running over her cheek. Also adore how her pointy ears - one of the fairie trademark she has - are visibly shown. It is a pretty card.

And Raziel with fleur de lis for "flame of power". Being the Angel who gave the Shadowhunters their Nephilim blood and thus also their powers, the flower is fitting. He looks Majestic here. I can imagine him being gigantic! You can see the eyes on his feathers and his golden eyes without white or pupils. Wicked!