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Fan Art Brought Together

"Why be extraordinary when you can always be yourself?"

fabt: fan art brought together
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In this journal you will mainly find fan art for various series - anime or books - that I like and bring together in one place.

So far the art will be about "Uragiri". Mainly Shusei and Hotsuma since those two are my favourites.
"The Mortal Instruments", mainly Alexander Lightwood and Magnus Bane - malec - cause I adore them.
"Weiß Kreuz", mostly Ran Fujimiya and Ken Hidaka. Yes, I ship them.
"betrayal knows my name", "knight hunters: weiß kreuz", "the mortal instruments", "weiß kreuz glühen", "weiß kreuz", "weiß side b", uraboku, uragiri